The Magnolia Tree

by - februari 06, 2013

The Magnolia Tree

There's a majestic, old magnolia tree,
That stands in my front yard;
It's a tree that's grown there for ages,
And whose beauty you can't disregard.

She spreads her branches quite nobly.
She stretches her arms so commandingly,
As if certainly crying out to be seen.
She's the center of much activity,

And I know a squirrel family lives there;
I'm sure she affords them much comfort,
For her branches don't ever go bare.
There's so much that's gone on around her,

I'm sure that so much could be told;
But she keeps all her secrets well guarded,
And simply remains a sight to behold.

- -

Tekst: Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Foto's: ©Michelle (Vampiireheart)

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4 Reacties

  1. mooie boom is dat, stond vroeger toen ik klein was in de voortuin

  2. WOW, das ist einfach ein bezaubernd schöner Magnolienbaum und die herrlichen Blüten faszinieren mich immer wieder neu.
    Liebe Grüsse von Bea


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